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December 2023 Wine Club

Happy Holidays!


The vineyard is dotted with yellow and red leaves -- fall colors still literally hanging on. Many vines are bare, and with every stiff wind that blows through the rows, more release. The cold temperatures allow the sap and rich nutrients to be stored in the roots for the long cold winter months, pruning is set for mid-February. The vines will show signs of life with the arrival of the warming of spring.


In the meantime, our responsibility is to amend the soils with cover crops. Simone will be sowing 300 lbs. of seed, a blend of oat and rye, and bell beans and peas, this will all be tilled by Jon later in the spring.


The Estate Pinot Noir produced a small crop of high-quality fruit, a mere three tons per acre. The wine is resting is small, 60-gallon French oak cooperage. Paul and Simone will rack for the second time in April (to pump the wine from the skin tissue and yeast).


We crushed Pinot Noir from five other vineyards, Coast Grade, Beauregard Ranch, Lester Family, Saveria and Pleasant Valley Farms, all very different in style and terroir. You are in for some very good wine in the spring of 2025!


Your Club Selection for December is our 2019 Nebbiolo, produced from the Lago Lomita Vineyard located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This dry-farmed vineyard is at an elevation of 2,600 feet above sea level. The nights are cool, and the afternoons are warm, creating a very well-balanced wine of intense flavors. Only two tons per acre are grown, the berries are small so there is more skin to juice ratio.


We fermented it in open-top tanks, hand punched three times a day, resulting in a very well-made wine. The tannins are soft and gentle, creating a seamless mouth feel. The fruits are a balance of dry black cherries and a hint of red licorice. It was awarded 94 points in Wine Enthusiast and was awarded the “Editor’s Choice”. This wine is now sold out!


We hope you are enjoying the Club. We have a few events in the planning stages for our members next year. Until then, stay healthy and well!


With appreciation,

Peter Bargetto, Partner

Post By:   Stephanie Morgan